Linux Course for Beginners

This course has been held as an online training course since March 2020. Further Information!

This course is designed to give a foundation of understanding Linux and Open Source to a beginner. Participants learn and understand the concepts of Open Source and Linux. Students are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate the system and to effectively use the available system tools. Participants also acquire ithe essential skills of a system administrator, e.g. through managing users and granting permissions.

Target Group:
This course aims at novices who haven't used Linux before. But a beginner is not just a beginner for us, we help you to find the right Linux course for you.

  • The Story of Linus Torvalds and Linux
  • Distributions and Installation
  • Package manager
  • Office, email, web and image manipulation
  • Introduction to the Administration of Linux
  • Get help from "help" utilities
  • Manage Directories and Files
  • Introduction to Linux shells
  • Text editors and filter
  • Shells, SED and AWK
  • Networking and Samba
  • Processes

  • From Mon, 28th Oct, 2024 until Fri, 1st Nov, 2024 (5 days)
  • From Mon, 2nd Dec, 2024 until Fri, 6th Dec, 2024 (5 days)
  • From Mon, 27th Jan, 2025 until Fri, 31st Jan, 2025 (5 days)

Duration of the course:
5 days


  • Germany: Lake Constance (Hemmenhofen, Singen or Überlingen),
  • Switzerland: Zurich
  • New courses in France: Paris or Strasbourg

The fees for this Linux course per day:

€395 per day (exclusive of VAT)
Toronto, Canada:
$552 per day (exclusive of HST)
Lake Constance, Hemmenhofen, Germany:
€395 per day (exclusive of VAT)
plus € 139 for full board and lodging in 4 star hotel
Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin (Germany):
€420 per day (exclusive of VAT)
Zurich and Geneva (Switzerland):
£420 per day (exclusive of VAT)


The price comprises:
  • Handouts,
  • Linux book
  • board and lodgings in a beautiful 4-star hotel right on the shores of Lake Constance
Most probably the most attractive Linux training course offer in Europe!

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