JavaScript Intermediate Course

A course on the JavaScript language intended for an audience with signficant previous programming experience. The topics are similar to the Beginner Course, but the material is explored in more depth, and the exercises work on more interesting and complicated programs.

Target Group:
People with significant previous programming experience in other programming or scripting languages.

JavaScript, a language that was designed in a few weeks time in 1995, as part of the Netscape browser, has reached widespread adoption as a way to embed programs in web pages. Though initially envisioned for tiny scripts, it has held up surprisingly well in the era of large, complex web applications, and even found adoption beyond the browser. This course introduces the basics of the JavaScript language and, depending on the interests and level of the participants, dives into some more advanced techniques such as closures, higher-order functions, object-oriented programming, interface design, and asynchronous programming.

  • From Mon, 6th Jul, 2020 until Fri, 10th Jul, 2020 (5 days)

Duration of the course:
5 days

The fees for this JavaScript course per day:

Toronto, Canada:
$554 per day (exclusive of HST)
Lake Constance, Hemmenhofen, Germany:
€389 per day (exclusive of VAT)
plus € 90 for full board and lodging in 4 star hotel
Berlin, Germany:
€424 per day (exclusive of VAT)
London, England:
£424 per day (exclusive of VAT)

The price of this course includes participation in the seminar and board and lodging in a 4-star hotel located at Lake Constance.
The price comprises:

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