Scientific Animations

During the lectures we pay significant attention to all of the production aspects. This includes how to get desired results as well as how to get them efficiently and confidently - without guessing or endless tweaking. Furthermore we thrive to teach in such a way, that at the end of the day the students can use the material they've created for their portfolios or at least as a solid base for such. The lecturer for this training is Vidmantas Brukstus, who is the lead artist in Spronk3D, which specializes in scientific animations.

3d-Animations courses

  • Introduction to 3D graphics

    3D graphics is everywhere nowadays. Movies, advertising, science & technology, education, you name an area and 3D graphics are used. With endless applications, it is not only fun to use but it opens many more possibilities to make much more informative and appealing graphics than by traditional means.

    Making a 3D Graphics production involves many different aspects and stages, and it can be intimidating to try to learn everything. This complexity is why people usually specialize in a specific computer graphics area, such as only modeling or animation. However, it is important that even if you only model, you need to know at least animation basics, to produce objects that an animator could readily use.

    This course will cover all the major steps and aspects in creating 3D graphics: Modeling, animation, shading and rendering. That is why this course is useful not only for complete beginners, trying to get into the world of 3D, but also for users who want to be more efficient in their team and better understand the various requests of others with different specialities.

    The concepts learned in the course will be applied using Autodesk's Softimage, a very flexible software that can be used for all the steps needed to create 3D animations. By using only one tool we avoid learning a different interface for each topic. However, the knowledge that you will acquire here can be directly used in any other package.

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The fees of our 5-day courses include tuition, accommodation in a four-star hotel on the shores of Lake Constance and special leisure time offers; for many areas, e.g. London, the flight up to a maximum of 150,- Euro is included as well.
New: We are offering our courses in Switzerland (Zurich) and France (Paris and Strasbourg) as well!
Our main focus is to establishing an optimal learning environment. Learning and fun are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, people who feel satisfied with the atmosphere learn faster and above retain what they have learnt. Our Linux courses take place in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. The water of Lake Constance at your feet and the Alps in view plus the easy to comprehend and appealing courses of Bodenseo insure successful learning.

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